TeamPage iOS Application

The Traction® TeamPage App connects to a TeamPage server and makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest activity in your Traction® TeamPage server. You can download the free TeamPage App from Apple's iOS App Store.

You can quickly scroll through and review your notifications and recent discussions in a clear and easy-to-read format optimized for mobile devices.


Articles that you read in the app are marked read in your notifications list, making it easy to manage notifications when switching between devices.

Using the context menu, you can add any article to your worklist or reply via email from within the app.

You can read, reply to, and add to your worklist even when you're offline; when you reconnect, your changes are synced back to your TeamPage server.


The TeamPage iOS App provides TeamPage lets you to interact with your own TeamPage server.

• Unread tracking synchronized with TeamPage

• Add any entry to your worklist

• Reply via email to any entry


• This view lists all the activity that you are allowed to see on your server.

• The most recently commented on discussions appear first in the list.

• The author, time, ID, and a snippet of the first unread comment are displayed in the list.

• When you open a discussion, the view scrolls to the first entry in the discussion that you haven't yet read.



• Any articles to which you are subscribed or for which you receive TeamPage notifications appear in the notifications list.

• Notifications you read or delete in the mobile app are marked read or deleted in TeamPage as well.

Detail View

• There a toggle switch provided that switches from the discussion thread to the full live TeamPage web interface, allowing customers familiar with TeamPage access to the web interface, which is what they currently use on iOS devices. The toggle switch remembers its last setting, so if you prefer the live interface, you can stay in that interface as you switch between threads.

• Context menu lets you add an entry to your worklist or reply via email (incoming email support must be configured in your TeamPage server for this to work).

• Swipe left and right to visit the next or previous discussion.

About TeamPage

Traction TeamPage is a powerful, hypertext-based collaboration platform used worldwide by customers in Consulting, Manufacturing, Education, and Government for Product Management, Business Process Management, Compliance Management, Knowledge Management and Collaboration.

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